Our services

Audio Delivery – Video Delivery – Press Release Distribution – Follow Up & Interview Scheduling – Media & Radio Monitoring Advertising Placement – CD Pressing

For artists looking for the cost benefits of driving their own marketing campaigns, but wanting to ensure the most professional media push possible, the MusicSend opens up a world previously only available to PR and label professionals. A publicist or label will have the relationships to really enhance releases, but if you want to get your material in front of the right people cost-effectively and build your label or artist’s brand we give you access to the right tools.

MusicSend gives you access to industry standard delivery systems including Play MPE and D-Star so that your material arrives at radio and TV the same way as the major labels. It also includes options for print media press releases, a physical mail out service to key Australian media for reviews, international blog press releasing, ad placement as well as monitoring of your campaign.

Our team can also follow up your releases, schedule interviews, pitch for reviews and be your PR PA! Sends and follow ups can be tailored from your label. It’s like having a publicist working directly for YOU and enhancing your brand with the media.

The MusicSend team will talk through your project and help you weigh up your options to get the most out of your campaign budget and give you an honest appraisal of which services are most likely to achieve the results you’re looking for.